Ceres Ltd



Initial Public Offering (IPO) Consulting

The decision to go public is one of the most important decisions a company can make and it will be one of the most challenging. A successful launch in capital markets requires expert direction and continual professional assistance.

Preparation is the secret to success. Planning, executing and managing an IPO is a complex task for any organization. Our firm has the very unique advantage to successfully bring your firm to capital markets, because we have had the experiences of the complete process.

Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) Consulting

We help you overcome the complexities of M&A, from strategy, analysis, valuation and planning through integration and optimization. We bring a unique set of capabilities to every deal: strong leadership, broad experience, an international perspective and deep industry knowledge. We are committed to closing deals, strengthening companies, and succeeding together. 

Futures Consulting Services

Through our firm and global partnerships we deliver a wide range of financial services which may be applied as a complete full service solution for our client’s Futures Trading needs or as individual components to support their existing trading and investment requirements.

Self-Traded Accounts: We provide 24 hour access to real time trading on the industry’s premier trading platform.

Managed Accounts: Through our global partnerships we provide a wide variety of managed account opportunities to fulfill our client’s needs.

Education: Through our firm and global partnerships we provide a wide range of educational services, providing education to the novice trader to institutional client.

Market Research
: We provide customized market research for our client’s trading needs.